Five minutes outside of downtown Punta Gorda, a stone’s throw from the Peace River, is a Florida Cracker house that has found new life as a relaxed, informal seafood restaurant.

On a huge lot shaded by giant oak trees, Peace River Seafood began in 2003. Owners Jimmy and Kelly Beall have something really great going on here. Jimmy was a crabber most of his life and brings an intimate knowledge of local seafood to this unique eatery. I’ll bet you didn’t know that Peace River blue crabs were the main seafood export from this area. Yep. Heard it straight from Captain Ron of the Kingfisher Fleet while on a sunset cruise. Many of the crabs eaten in the Chesapeake Bay area restaurants come from right here in the Peace River. You won’t find them in the stores locally. Nope. They ship ‘em all up north. But you can get all you want right here at Peace River Seafood. Jimmy and Kelly get all their seafood fresh from local fishermen.

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